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Our Mission

Our goal is to remove the pain, frustration and error rate associated with mundane, repetitive and low level tasks that we currently rely on humans for.

We don’t want to replace these users, we want to make their life easier and more efficient so they can focus on the tasks they are good at.

Our Story

IAMRecognised was founded with a singular goal of providing great software based solutions to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. 

Our journey started in 2019 with the creation of our Launchpad, Vault and Context Manager to deliver a solution to our first customer - a very prestigious NHS Trust. The first version of our technology focused solely on Single Sign On and Context Management. 

The IAMRecognised team have over 50 years combined experience designing, developing and delivering simple software solutions to customers across many industries and regions. 


Chief Executive Officer
Joel Ratnasothy


Chief Technology Officer
Wayne Gibson


Solutions Director
Matt Conway

Peter Askew Profile Image_edited.png

Commercial Director
Peter Askew

Experienced Leadership

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