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Innovative, simple and ready.

IAMRecognised's technology can help your users be more efficient, more consistent and more productive.

Our Solutions

Single Sign On (SSO) 

Remove the frustration for end users who need to remember and use multiple sets of credentials for different systems.

Our secure vault can manage these credentials and end-users can leverage our Launchpad to automatically sign in to any system with a single click.



  • No longer will users need to remember complex passwords (or adopt easy passwords, to make them rememberable). Our secure vault can manage these and help enforce strict policies on the creation of credentials.

  • Faster access to systems - our robots can log you in as fast as the 3rd party system can handle.

  • Role-based access control via the Launchpad - users only see what they need and have access too.

  • Full audit log of every system access.

  • We can integrate with your existing Identity Providers (such as Microsoft AD).

Context Management

Ensure your users are using your multiple systems within the correct context. Our technology can monitor the context of a users workflow (such as Patient, Case, Application or Client for example) and ensure consistency across any currently open applications. 


  • Allow your users to be more efficient. Only search for a context once, in any system and our Context Manager will replicate this across other applications automatically.

  • Full audit trail of context access, in real-time.

  • Ensure data integrity by automating the context management and therefore ensuring safety when used in environments where human error can have serious consequences (eg. in a clinical setting).

Business Process & Workflow Automation

Reduce the time and error rate of key business processes and workflows by using our robotic process automation (RPA) technology to automate these activities.


  • Our robots can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without stopping for breaks.

  • Faster react times

  • Infinitely scalable, as demand grows you can easily invoke additional robots

  • Reduce human errors  

Provisioning Automation

No longer will your users need to wait for an over-worked IT service desk to provide them access to the systems they need - our provisioning and automation technology can automate the the creation and updating of your applications when you have joining, moving or leaving users. 


  • Rule based creating, updating and removing of user accounts that can be invoked automatically.

  • Keep your existing HR (NHS ERS, SAP etc) and Identity Provider systems as the source of truth

  • Ensure all user profile meta data is kept in sync across your systems

  • Fast react times

  • Self-service based services such as Password Reset

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

All of our solutions are non-disruptive. We can interface and drive your existing applications from legacy terminal based applications, through to advanced Web Applications. 

Our solutions are currently depended on by thousands of users every day. Contact Us to see how we can help your organisation.

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